Exposing The Mythology of Revelation Chapters 1-3


For the true in-depth clarification and actual historical prophetic elaboration on what Revelation Chapters 1-3 was really forecasting click the link below.

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New York City Bar Association calls for ending the Jones Act in Puerto Rico

Finally after many years by Nelson Dennis unbridled and vehement persistence in advancing the reality of the Jones Act’s affect on the islands of Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands, U.S. citizens with the ability to sway the Politically affluent to endear themselves to the impropriety that has arbitrarily gone unrestricted in the financial decimation of such dedicated Americans of these Islands. The reality of the financial disconnect could not longer be hidden behind the miles that separate Puerto Rico from the U.S.. When the heart of sincere people are heard weeping as they see their fellow Americans beleaguered by the desolation imposed by Hurricane Maria, they apparently were moved at the mutuality of their humanity. God Bless those members of the New York Bar association that showed their true sense of justice.


Book - 12-10

After five years of research and advocacy, there is finally some movement on the Jones Act.

On May 10, 2018, the New York City Bar Association submitted an official report to US congress, which “strongly encourages Congress to permanently exempt Puerto Rico from the requirements of the Jones Act.”

Ignorance was the First Obstacle

The road has not been easy. For decades, proponents of Jones Act reform were met with blank stares and one question: “what the devil are you talking about?”

Until recently, the vast majority of the American public – including the press, elected officials, academics, union officials and business leaders – had no clue about Section 27 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, aka the Jones Act, and its destruction of the Puerto Rican economy.

Even today, many readers confuse it with the 1917 Jones-Shafroth Act – which imposed US citizenship on Puerto Ricans, and drafted…

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